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CURE Hospitals in Kenya, Ethiopia and  Uganda

 cureOur hospitals are the heart of what we do.

Life-changing healing for the poorest of the poor takes place in CURE hospitals around the world on a daily basis. Kids who had little hope for the future are transformed into kids who can run, play, and smile. Families who endured being called cursed for having a disabled child are set free from social stigma. Throughout our hospitals, we aim to do what Jesus did: heal the sick and proclaim the kingdom of God.

CURE has grown significantly since opening our first hospital in Kenya in 1998. We currently have 10 hospitals in places where care is most needed and often least available.

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ELMA Philanthropies

The ELMA Philanthropies Services acts as the services arm of the ELMA group of foundations. From locations in New York, Cape Town and Kampala we develop program strategies, identify and explore grant making opportunities, monitor grant performance, and establish philanthropic relationships for the Foundations.

The ELMA group of foundations provides sizeable philanthropic assistance to high impact initiatives within each Foundation’s area of focus.

The ELMA foundation’s mission is to improve the lives of Africa’s children and youth through the support of sustainable efforts to relieve poverty, advance education, and promote health.

The ELMA relief foundation’s mission is to provide post-disaster emergency assistance throughout the globe with special attention to the needs of children, who often suffer disproportionately in the aftermath of such tragedies.

The ELMA south africa foundation funds selected programs not aimed specifically at children, within the country of South Africa.

The ELMA music foundation’s mission is to provide philanthropic assistance to organizations in South Africa, the UK, and the USA that either provide music education to underprivileged children and youth or provide assistance to members of the music community who undergo personal and financial hardship.

The ELMA vaccines and immunization foundation began its grant-investing activities in 2012. Its mission is to expand vaccine and immunization coverage for children globally.

The ELMA growth foundation invests exclusively in Africa in the growth of expansion of initiatives focused on the economic and social development of low-income individuals, families, and communities.

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Heal International Medical Missions (H.I.M.M.)

Heal International Medical Missions (H.I.M.M.) based in Mercedes, Texas, was founded by Dr. Juan “Johnny” Padilla a neurosurgeon who is native to the island of Puerto Rico. The organization was founded through a man’s passionate heart overflowing with love for serving others. Amazing testimony’s of Truth are experienced through HIMM, and as a river flows,  Johnny shares them freely with so many.The team of 0ver 200+ surgeons and medical professionals from multiple countries travel untied as surgical mission teams, quick to reject barriers and receive all regardless of worldly qualifications. “Flexibility” is a must, as life changing experiences are the fruit. 

H.I.M.M. has regular teams traveling to serve regularly in 12 locations to include, Kyrgyzstan, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Columbia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, and has recently empowered a community in Haitti with a surgical clinic.    

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The Neurosurgical Education Foundation (NED)

The Neurosurgical Education Foundation (NED) based in Valencia Spain, through the efforts of its founder and President, Dr. Jose Piquer has been assisting in the development of neuro-endoscopy. This program, with the efforts of the local team led by Dr. Mahmood Qureshi has developed a Training and Volunteer clinical service model of Mobil outreach neuro-endoscopy for Hydrocephalus in the East Central and Southern Africa “ECSA” region.

Over 500 children in 24 hospitals in 7 ECSA countries have received ETV. Over 70 doctors and 140 nurses have been trained during these unique Mobile neuro-endoscopy training and clinical Missions.

The NED Foundation has used this effort in developing neurosurgery in remote areas of the region. This has led to the building of the first dedicated Neurosurgical Institute on the Island of Zanzibar, a first such project in a public hospital anywhere in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Microscopes, Endoscopes, surgical instruments, ventilators have been sources and donated to several centers in the region.

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Rick Hodes serving through the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC)

Rick Hodes is an American doctor who has lived and worked in Ethiopia for over 20 years. He is the Medical Director of Ethiopia for the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), a 95-year old NGO. Over the years, he has been in charge of the health of Ethiopians immigrating to Israel. Currently, he is the senior consultant at a Catholic mission helping sick destitutes with heart disease (rheumatic and congenital), spine disease (TB and scoliosis), and cancer. He has also worked with refugees in Rwanda, Zaire, Tanzania, Somalia, and Albania.

Hodes is a graduate of Middlebury College and University of Rochester Medical School, and trained in internal medicine at Johns Hopkins. Hodes first went to Ethiopia as a relief worker during the 1984 famine. He returned there on a Fulbright Fellowship to teach internal medicine, and in 1990 was hired by the JDC as the medical adviser for the country. His original position was to care for 25,000 potential immigrants to Israel. In 1991, he was an active contributor during “Operation Solomon,” helping the Ethiopian Jews airlifted to Israel.

In 2007, Dr. Hodes was selected as a finalist for “CNN Heroes,” a program that highlights ordinary people for their extraordinary achievements.The American College of Physicians has awarded him “Mastership” and the Rosenthal Award for creative practice of medicine. He was honored as ABC’s Person of the Week in 2010.

His work is the subject of the HBO documentary “Making the Crooked Straight” as well as a new book “This is a Soul: The Mission of Rick Hodes.”

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Rwanda Neuro Surgical Center

Rwanda Neurosurgical Centre was established on 31st July 2010 to provide Neurosurgical services with decentralization of more specialized team, to improve quality of care, do relevant research and collaborate training of neurosurgeons and support staff.

The Vision of Rwanda neurosurgical Centre is to be a centre of excellence in neurosurgical patient care, training and research in Africa. The mission is to create a sustainable academically oriented centre of excellence in neurosurgery with ability to provide high quality services to Rwandans, east Africa region and beyond & to provide an environment for training, education and research in neurosurgery and related fields. 

Those serving within the Centre are keen on building and developing a cohesive neurosurgical team, rationally utilization of available equipment, optimizing the utility of local hospital facilities (CHUK & KFH) thus maximizing the benefit to patients, nation, and region at large.

The executive team has organized and is practicing research to inform best practices in neurosurgery around the world, and thus implementing these practices for the accreditation of local and regional facilities.

St. Luke’s Foundation & Orthopaedic and Trauma Hospital

St lukes OriginalSt. Luke’s Orthopaedic and Trauma Hospital is an ultra-modern hospital started in the year 2012, after operating as a clinic and an orthopaedics supplier since year 2005. 

While our Foundation was formally established in 2013 to act as the official fundraising arm of the hospital, the St. Luke’s O&T Hospital has counted on the generosity of our healthcare stakeholders for nearly a decade now. 

The St. Luke’s Hospital Bone & Joint Foundation is staffed by a dedicated team with one mission: to find and administer the funding that allows us to not simply maintain, but to expand the medical facility and health care services for our community. 

In nearly the past ten years, our community has invested millions in our hospital and the impact of those investments speak for themselves – the country’s finest orthopaedic centre, a surgical program that is best-in-class, diagnostic technology that saves lives etc. 

We have benefitted from the incredible support of this great community for a long time now and we look forward to working together to ensure we all have the healthcare we need and deserve. 

The goal of our Foundation is simple – to tell the stories that make our hospital great and to ask the community to invest in our mission of healing and hope. Through your donations, we enable greatness in healthcare. 

Your financial and material support makes a difference. It is the edge we need to ensure that everyone in the community receives essential health care.

We offer both outpatient and inpatient services in our facility which is located along Nandi Road, opposite the Moi University School of Dentistry in Eldoret town, Uasin Gishu County, Kenya. 

Area's of Focus within Partner Platforms

Community Enhancement


Surgeon Exchange


Surgically Healing Children


Resident & Fellow Network


Surgical Development/Skills Labs


Surgical Missions


Medical Service


Community Medical Enhancements

Medical projects managed by community leaders such as distribution of surgical/medical essentials and mobile diagnosis.

Surgeon Exchange

Regional Exchange  of surgeons for the purpose to establish specialities, encourage peer development, and community surgical workshops.

Surgically Healing Children

Children suffering from chronic deformity of the heart and spine.

 Resident & Fellow Network

Specialists creating a network of residence working and learning within the region create a platform for international residence and medical professionals to serve and develop effectively in East Africa.

Surgical Development/Skills Lab

A dynamic collaboration of like minded resources are establishing environments within the region to develop skills for surgeons and other medical professionals desiring to teach proclaim and heal.

Surgical Missions

The region has been blessed with international resources through missions, Organizing and transforming the interest of such volunteers and resources is accomplished through regional peer participation.Through a clear understanding of all surgical missions in East Africa we are able to exponentially compliment the like – hearted efforts of the visiting and local surgical team.

Medical Device

The supply of quality, cost effective surgical solutions is imperative in the vision of developing and extending first class, quality care in East Africa. A collaboration of resources allows the monitoring and provision of device solutions to the partners within the region.

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