Our Story

The vision of KEFA is to provide sustainable tools that encourage cultural and community health to those persons and/or organizations serving locally and internationally.

KEFA serves as a transparent platform utilizing those tools to complement and enhance the commitment of people teaching, proclaiming, and healing.

You are invited to collaborate, contribute, and utilize the models in place to enhance your radical effect in sharing Truth. 

Explore KEFA’s listing of specific events and resources that we have found to be sharing Light.  

Transparency is a great compliment to willingness, and allows for resources to be accurately utilized, and refined for sustainable encouragement. We understand that managing KEFA’s Platform to offer sustainable development is dependent upon a collaboration of like minded persons. 

Therefore, allow KEFA to invite you to collaborate within KEFA’s Platform.


The mission of KEFA is to make disciples through 

Teaching within the local culture, 

Proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom & 

Healing every disease and every affliction among the people.

Kefa Platform
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