KEFA’s Focus


Surgeon Exchange

Regional Exchange  of surgeons for the purpose to establish specialities, encourage peer development, and community surgical workshops.


Community Medical Enhancements

Medical projects managed by community leaders such as distribution of surgical/medical essentials and mobile diagnosis.


Resident & Fellow Network

Specialists creating a network of residence working and learning within the region create a platform for international residence and medical professionals to serve and develop effectively in East Africa.

Surgical Development

A dynamic collaboration of like minded professionals are establishing and managing “Workshop” & “Skills Lab” environments within the region to develop skills for surgeons and other medical professionals desiring to teach proclaim and heal.

Surgical Missions

The region has been blessed with international resources through missions, Organizing and transforming the interest of such volunteers and resources is accomplished through regional peer participation.Through a clear understanding of all surgical missions in East Africa we are able to exponentially compliment the like – hearted efforts of the visiting and local surgical team.

Medical Device

The supply of quality, cost effective surgical solutions is imperative in the vision of developing and extending first class, quality care in East Africa. A collaboration of resources allows the monitoring and provision of device solutions to the partners within the region.

Surgically Healing Children

Collaboration of surgeons & medical professionals selflessly extending care & compassion to children. Children suffering and typically in anguish of being forgotten. Specialist collaborate to address symptoms of physical trauma inflicted by the community & chronic deformity of the heart and spine.


Kefa Platform
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