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The equipment within a hospital can be prioritized based on a number of factors. Some include the local need, or the level of care the facility intends to offer, and still others the level of training the facility intends to offer.

The Neurosurgical Institute in Zanzibar is a world class facility, with highly trained visiting surgeons from around the world, all of whom are keen on all of these factors.

KEFA is partnering with Neurosurgical Institute of Zanzibar and the Mnazi Mnoja public Hospital to invest in a MRI allowing patients to immediately access standard diagnostic tools critical for strategic surgical and non-surgical solutions. This investment will be made in agreement that a portion of the revenue generated will service the loan and fuel the Neurosurgical Institute’s Surgical Skills Lab for training international, regional and local medical/surgical professionals.MRI Teaching & Healing (Event HLight text)

In January of 2015 the first dedicated Neurosurgical Institute on the Island of Zanzibar was opened. The Neurosurgical Institute is a first such project in a public hospital anywhere in Sub-Saharan Africa. The teams that serve within the hospital, have successfully completed over 800 procedures within the Manazi Mnoja Hospital System in the past six years.

These and multiple international teams continue to serve through the facilitation of a partnership between The Neurosurgical Education Foundation (NED) and Manzi Mnoja Hospital.MRI Teaching & Healing Zanzibar (within text) 2

The hospital has been equipped with Microscopes, Endoscopes, surgical instruments, and ventilators which have been sourced and donated due to the efforts of NED and other generous donors. KEFA is partnering with Mnazi Mnoja Hospital, NED and the Institute to implement a sustainable model to provide some of the highest level of neurosurgical care and multispecialty development in the ESCA region.


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