Sustainable Neurosurgery 

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Partner to fuel a model in which surgeons are taught to teach. KEFA has found great pleasure in learning and walking with the Rwanda Neurosurgical Center to establish regional collaborations to enhance the level of neurosurgical care in the region of East Africa. KEFA’s Partner platforms collaborate in building the educational resources necessary to develop medical residents and fellows into Neuro-Surgical Specialist.

Currently, KEFA’s platform is collaborating with local facilities to equip the Rwanda Neurosurgical Centre Skills Lab. Join the collaboration as we invest in a tool allowing surgeons to visualize bone structures intra-operatively. A CARM is the standard for intra-operative surgical care.Mission-CArm-Zanzibar

The platform has a donor willing to match funds donated through KEFA:

A new “assembled in China” unit from India: $30,000 usd
A new “brand name” unit with warrantee: $60,000 usd

In addition, the platform invited you to collaborate in the following area’s:
Research & Development (surgical & clinical publications)
Surgical Training Workshops & Educational Resources
Fellows regional development programs
Patient surgical care and surgical missions

All that started with a passion and one book of Neurosurgical training literature, is now the Rwanda Neuro-Surgical Centre in Kigali, Rwanda. The Centre serves as a centre of excellence in Neurosurgical care, training, and research in Africa.

Join KEFA in fueling a platform of Neurosurgeons who are passionate about Sustainability and understand the value of replicating the transparency of a “Petri-dish” environment.

Those who serve within the Centre have truly taken steps of faith to develop a sustainable model that has established a neurosurgical platform for teaching proclaiming and healing.

Join the platform in supporting the Rwanda Neurosurgical Centre with Seeds & Water to meet the defined areas as disclosed in 2016.

Tell us how you want to participate.