Community Teaching & Surgical Missions

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In February 2016, St. Lukes Hospital’s 5th annual healing and education event for children suffering from Clubfoot will continue changing the precious lives of many……

In February 2016, a platform partner is facilitating another surgical camp. St. Lukes Hospital’s 5th annual club foot surgery and education event will continue changing the lives of many patient families and medical professionals.

In Eldoret Kenya, a collaboration of philanthropy, private/public hospitals, residents & faculty, and manufactures to extend patients access to care is being facilitated St Lukes Hospital Bone & Joint Foundation.

The foundation has recently been organized to facilitate the collaborations events that historically exceed 10 annually.

KEFA is partnering by organizing the platforms resources to complement this initiative to transform “free” missions, into a sustainable development opportunity for the regional medical community.
How we can offer general or specific support:
-your physical administrative or surgical participation
-patient & facility cost sharing for surgery
-patient & medical professional educational
-KEFA’s inventory of educational surgical equipment
-sending/hosting a regional medical resident to the event
-hosting expenses for visiting regional surgeons

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