MRI Center to Build Medical School Kenya

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St. Luke’s Hospital has consistently supported the development of the regions medical students. KEFA invites you to join us as our platform collaborates to teach those to fish.

KEFA’s platform is partnering with St. Luke’s platform to build a MRI center and extend the existing capacity of St. Lukes Hospital. The MRI has been purchased, and the building will be constructed through a interest free loan initiated by KEFA and a local financial institution.

Revenue from the MRI Center and increased capacity will service the loan and fuel the building of the St. Luke’s School of Nursing.

The financial need to have the building completely functional for the MRI and creating revenue is $100,000 USD. KEFA’s platform has a donor willing to match up to $50,000. St. Luke’s has purchased the MRI.MRI Center St. Lukes

St. Luke’s Orthopedic & Trauma Hospital in Eldoret, Kenya saved the life of a young Sudanese boy named Peter Gui. Two  years ago, Peter was admitted to St. Lukes after suffering from a severe femur fracture as a result of osteomyelitis. He was treated through the care of those at St. Luke’s, and his powerful testimony remains in all our hearts to this day.

St. Luke’s is continuing to offer a high level of healing for many people, and is a family committed to teaching and proclaiming truth. Within the strategic vision are models allowing for sustainable growth while continuing to offer the best care possible through technology and qualified medical professional’s.

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